Percentile calculator
Make sure you're using the right measurement unit and that you're measuring yourself properly.

Length (SD) Girth (SD) Flaccid Length (SD)
calcSD Average 13.29cm (1.88) 5.23" (0.74) 11.55cm (1.53) 4.55" (0.60) 9.16cm (1.57) 3.61" (0.62)
Veale et al, 2015¹ 13.23cm (1.88) 5.21" (0.74) 11.66cm (1.10) 4.59" (0.43) 9.16cm (1.57) 3.61" (0.62)
Habous et al, 2015 14.34cm (1.86) 5.65" (0.73) 11.50cm (1.74) 4.53" (0.69) N/A N/A
Hungfun's Average 14.61cm (2.10) 5.76" (0.83) 11.87cm (1.37) 4.67" (0.54) 8.58cm (1.73) 3.38" (0.68)

¹This dataset was edited to include stretched flaccid length, which is very close to the erect length, in order to improve reliability.

calcSD is a percentile calculator for p--, er, members. It utilizes probabilities/statistics (Standard Deviation) and data provided by scientific studies in order to calculate your percentile in relation to others. Its accuracy mostly depends on the studies used and also on the reliability of very basic statistics. Feel free to leave any measurement that you don't have empty, but be aware volume needs both length and girth to calculate. The proper way to measure is by pressing a ruler against the pubic bone (bone pressed). Girth can be measured with a tailor's tape. cm³ = ml

This is the classic version of calcSD. It'll still be updated alongside the new version.