Percentile calculator

Warning: There's currently no reliable or recommended source of information about these averages.

All measurements should be of one single ball/testicle, not both of them. For the "Rundle and Sylvester, 1962" study, it is advised to use this website instead as it provides percentages based on age as well.

Make sure you're using the right measurement unit and also that you're measuring yourself correctly.

Formula Average Range
Ellipsoid Approximation 4/3 × π × length/2 × height/2 × depth/2 18ml (0.61 fl oz) 12-30ml (0.41-1.01 fl oz)
Rundle and Sylvester, 1962 length × height × depth × 0.71 31.1ml (1.05 fl oz) 12-54.5ml (0.41-1.84 fl oz)