Percentile calculator

Update v1.5: The website got redesigned to look like a proper website! Ah, it might look awkward for a bit. The old version will still be updated and is still available here.

Welcome to calcSD, the website made so you can easily calculate the rarity of specific dick sizes. This is not a website made by professionals, but the aim is still to hold accurate information in an organized way. No info is collected in any way shape or form (you can look at the page's source code if you're skeptical), so feel free to input some numbers below and see for yourself how rare certain sizes are.

Numbers are compared against data from medical studies with an specific average and standard deviation. The accuracy of the results mainly depend on the reliability of the dataset used and of basic statistics. Not sure how to measure?

Make sure you're using the right measurement unit and also that you're measuring yourself correctly.

Dataset Average Length (SD) Average Girth (SD) Avg. Flaccid Length (SD)
calcSD Average 13.77cm (1.77) 5.42" (0.70) 11.55cm (1.53) 4.55" (0.60) 9.16cm (1.57) 3.61" (0.62)
Veale et al, 2015 13.12cm (1.66) 5.17" (0.65) 11.66cm (1.10) 4.59" (0.43) 9.16cm (1.57) 3.61" (0.62)
Habous et al, 2015 14.34cm (1.86) 5.65" (0.73) 11.50cm (1.74) 4.53" (0.69) N/A N/A
Hungfun's Average 14.61cm (2.10) 5.76" (0.83) 11.87cm (1.37) 4.67" (0.54) 8.58cm (1.73) 3.38" (0.68)